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Liza is highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological/mobility problems, so you can refer yourself without having to see your general practitioner(G.P) first. You can be referred by your GP, Consultant, employer or by some insurance companies.


A comprehensive assessment will be carried out and is key in getting to the cause of your problem. You will be asked questions about the nature of your problem, your past medical history and the medication you are taking. It may be that following assessment, if there are any concerns that require further investigation the therapist will ‘signpost’ you to the relevant professional.


Part of the assessment will include a physical examination which is required to identify the structures involved. You may prefer to bring along shorts or loose fitting trousers for lower limb problems or a vest top for shoulder and spinal problems.


The aim following assessment is to reach a diagnosis with baselines that assist in treating the problem/s identified. These baselines allow us to assess the response to treatment and act as a guide to help improve your symptoms and gain return of normal movement and function.


Factors that have caused or worsened the problem are often identified at this stage so we can give advice to prevent and avoid the problem recurring.


With a variety of treatments at ‘Physioworks’ disposal, the appropriate approach will be used to treat your symptoms and begin your journey to recovery. You may be asked to comply with exercise programmes and specific advice to manage your problem at home, before during or after sport, at work or in the home.


Physical problems that affect our ability to move normally and hinder our ability to take part in activities we enjoy or need to do can be frustrating both physically and emotionally. ‘Physioworks’ aims to ensure the client reaches optimum benefit and recovery where possible with treatment, guidance and support in managing the problems that have been identified. Prevention is a big factor in the recovery process and helps to reduce the chances of recurrence.